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Reimagining capital raising and servicing through technology and network.


A personalized investor portal that sets you apart and doesn’t break the bank

Secure, state of the art investor portal branded to your company in a modern design at a fraction of the cost.


Never send an ugly investor communication

Pre-formatted and customizable notification templates for all key events give your communications both a professional and personal touch. 

Notifications - new@2x.png

A little big brother never hurt

Always know who received and read your investor communications to see who is engaged. 

Vehicle Single Page – One

Save spreadsheets for your proformas

All your deals, investors, documents, and transaction history in one place and accessible at any time from anywhere.

5 minutes or less to 
stay organized

Send a project update, share documents, record a transaction, and notify investors in under 5 minutes.

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Offering Step 3 - Review & Save – 3@2x@2

Offering pages to impress investors

Customizable offering pages with document vaults to provide your investors with the information they need to pull the trigger.  


Protect your offering from prying eyes

Limit who views your offering to only those you invite. For added protection put your offering page behind your NDA.

Grease the gears for your

golden geese

Your repeat investors will be able to provide their desired commitment amount, select their investor profile, and submit their request to you in under 60 seconds.

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Blockchain, what’s that?

Imagine a world where private real estate is tracked and exchanged on the blockchain and where the massive crypto capital base can be tapped easily for investment into your deals. Flote’s Tokenization Engine has you ready for that world, whenever you’re ready to dive in. Cryptocurrency could hit over $1T in market cap in 2021 according to Business Insider. Why not choose a platform that gives you the option to leverage this next wave of financial innovation?

Here come the ‘bots

Automation and AI play are playing an increasingly important role in everything we do. By joining the Flote platform you take a big step forward in controlling, organizing and leveraging data to improve your business. Flote will be introducing intelligent agents to automate investor servicing and prospecting in the near future to make sure you aren’t left behind.

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