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Fundraising Automation
Online Offering Pages
Present your next offering in a customizable offering page.
Offering Doc Vault
Securely share your offering documents in an easy to use investor interface.
Professional Invitations
Automated offering email invitation templates will give your offering a professional appearance.
Personal Notes
Any automated invitation can include a personalized note to add a personal feel.
Track Engagement
Track the status of any investor's invitation. Have they read the email? Viewed the offering?
NDA Protection
Put your offering page behind your NDA for added protection.
Accreditation Status
Prompt your investor's to make an accreditation representation before submitting a commitment request.
Investor KYC
Have investors provide their KYC information for legal and tax document preparation.
Collect Commitments
With a few clicks investors can review your offering, its documents, and submit a commitment request.
Investment Management
Transaction Management
Create, edit, and publish commitments, capital calls, contributions, distributions with a few clicks.
Transaction Statements
Attach a statement to any transaction for investor reference. (eg. Distribution Summary)
Investor Snapshot
For any investor you will have a view of their investments, transaction history, documents, and KYC detail.
Configurable Email Templates
At setup, automated notifications can be customized to match your styling, branding, and tone.
On the Fly Notifications Edits
For any notification you can add a personal message to provide a bit more color and personal feel.
Investor Reports
Easily upload and email periodic project updates and investor reports.
Notification Statuses
For any email notification see whether it has been received or read.
Communication History
Readily view notification history for any issued notification.
Affiliate Notifications
Specify a related party to any investor to also receive key event notifications and documents.
Data & Document Security
Conformity and support of industry standards of data and application security
Notification Archive
All issued notifications are stored remotely until you choose to delete them.
Data Backup and Restore
With periodic offsite backups, you can always reset your portal to a prior date.
Advanced Passphrase Login
Flote requires "strong passwords" for added security (see blog post for detail)
Resources & Support
On Demand Tutorials
Online training videos for all major features and flows.
24/7 Customer Support
24/7 tech and customer support.
Extra Mile Support
From co-gp opportunities to syndication pitfalls we are happy to share our network and experiences.
Investor Portal
Branded Investor Portal
Give your investors a modern portal branded to your company with your logo and marketing images.
Investor Dashboard
Each investor is presented with a dashboard that summarizes their portfolio and key statistics.
Investor Doc Vaults
Secure, investor specific doc sharing. Investment reports, legal docs, tax statements, etc.
Mobile Optimized
Allow your investors to skip the computer and use their phone or tablet instead.
Investment Details
Transaction details, documents, account balances, and property details in one place.
Transaction History
Exportable transaction history and statements for any investment.
Investor Affiliates
Investors can add affiliates (for example spouses) to also receive investment communications.
Investor Profiles
Investor profiles along with investing entity details are reviewable by an investor at any time.
New Offerings
Investors are displayed any offerings they are currently invited to.

< $25 milion AUM*


per month
No Set Up Fee

$25+ million AUM*


per month
No Set Up Fee

* AUM = equity under management that is serviced through your portal.

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