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Flote uses "strong" passwords

What you should use for you Flote password/passphrase:

  • a phrase that you can remember. examples: "my dog Fido has itchy fleas", "I can't wait to log into my portal" ... the longer the better, and remember it is cap sensitive and that every space is counted as a character

  • a password generated password manager such as LassPass, Okta or others.

  • if you must, you can create a long single word password, which contains sufficient number of random characters -> you may be surprised at how long and random your password may need to be to be considered "strong"

Why is my password getting rejected as too weak?

When you attempt to create your password, Flote automatically checks it using a constantly updated resource of variants and potential guesses and hacks. Among other things, it generates an estimate of how many guesses it would take to crack your password and if that number is too low, your password is rejected.

Why all the fuss about passwords:

It goes without saying that security is a top priority for Flote. The safest approach to passwords is to have users create a single stong password, as opposed to other older approaches, such as forcing users to constantly change their password or, worst of all, to set passwords according to rules (such as length, capitals, symbols etc.).

This image posted by @AaronToponce on Twitter, demonstrates why we don't use password rules - the password in the left image is much more secure but the rules based approach incorrectly guides users to put a much less secure password on the right.

Here are some articles if you are interested in learning more:

Modern Password Guidance

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